Apparatus Sales

South Coast is the proud supplier of Pierce trucks for the 10 southern counties in California. Our staff has a combined 150 years in apparatus sales and 100 years in the fire service itself. Our sales associates bring a library of knowledge and experience to the table that you can rely on when we work together to build the perfect apparatus for your specifications.

Custom Chassis

  • 10 year structural warranty
  • 96"-100" cab widths
  • Angle of approach and departure to meet your needs
  • Optional TAK-4 suspension
  • Up to 600hp in a 96" wide cab
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  • 3 Point isolated body mount system reduces torsional stress
  • Optional Control-Zone pump panels lets you see the information you need where you need it
  • Optional PUC pumps allow for shorter wheel-bases and pump and roll capabilities.
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  • Up to 50 MPH wind load ratings
  • 500 cubic feet of compartmentation on our 100' tiller
  • Available PUC pump can increase compartment space
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  • Custom or commercial chassis
  • Dual hydraulic slide-out modules available
  • Haz-mat, incident command, or heavy rescue; our custom chassis can handle any configuration you specify
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  • 4x4 drive-train in both custom and commercial chassis
  • High angle of approach and departure
  • Pumps up to 1250gpm available
  • Commercial chassis with single front and rear tires
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  • Available Pierce-produced Husky and Hercules foam systems
  • Available side and/or rear dumps
  • Up to 3000 gallon water tank
  • Custom or commercial chassis
  • Dry-side or elliptical
  • Short wheel base with pump in compartment
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  • Ford or Dodge chassis
  • Pump volumes up to 1250gpm
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  • Up to 3500gpm pumps
  • Up to 300gpm concentrate pumps
  • Available Pierce Hercules CAFS system
  • Industrial pumpers and foam tenders
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Safety Systems

  • Extensive crash testing
  • TAK-4™ Independent front suspension
  • Command Zone advanced electronics
  • Side-roll protection
  • Collision mitigation systems available
  • VLH self-venting caps
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Command Zone

  • New and improved CZ3 user interface
  • Diagnostic and prognostic readings
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Optional scene management features
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Foam Systems

  • .1gpm to 300gpm available
  • Dual or single agent configurations
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Stock Units

South Coast works with Pierce to offer you a variety of configurations for a quicker delivery. Some changes can be made to stock units to configure them to your specification. Click the link below to view the stock list for available trucks.

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