A certified Pierce Mfg. Technician works under a raised cab.


Our service team, South Coast Emergency Vehicle Service, offers collision repair, mobile service, and preventative maintenance on any emergency vehicle. We understand how important it is to reduce the amount of time your vehicle is out-of-service. Our service advisor’s expertise helps minimize the time and expense it takes to get your apparatus back in service. We will walk you through test procedures or an on-site evaluation to determine if we have a simple fix or if your truck needs more extensive repairs. If you have a vehicle concern, please contact our Emergency Vehicle Service team .

Preventative Maintenance

A proper preventative maintenance program can extend the life of your emergency vehicle. Here at South Coast our priority is to limit the amount of time your vehicle spends out of service. We can handle all makes and models of emergency apparatus.

An aerial device extended for maintenance inspection

Maintenance Programs Include:

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    Aerial Ladder Service

    • 25 hour
    • 100 hour
    • 400 hour
    • *or any time-table the apparatus manufacturer recommends inspection, Clean and Lube Cables or Slide Pad Adjustment
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    Annual Service

    • DOT inspection
    • Fluids and Filters
    • Chassis and drivetrain lube
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    Annual Pump Testing

    • Meets NFPA standards for Annual Pump Testing
    • Mobile pump testing available
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    • Pierce Command Zone
    • Program updates
    • All engine and transmission diagnostic software available
    • Service and maintenance of on-board generators
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    Foam Systems

    • Recalibration
    • Maintenance
    • Installation
  • Opacity Testing

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    • Authorized dealer for Waterous, Darley, and Hale
    • Service and repair for all makes and models
    • Air Conditioning
    • Repair and service
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    Suspension Maintenance

    • Ball joint inspection, boot and grease
    • Ride height adjustment
    • Gear box
    • Alignment
  • Windshield Replacement